SHIPIT Multimodal Logistics nv

SHIPIT is a broker, ship owner and terminal operator.

SHIPIT features :

A reliable, knowledgable and decisive team ;
A diversified  fleet of inland ships;
Strategically located inland terminals.
SHIPIT is specialised in the licensed transport of large volumes bulk and palet cargoes for CUSTOMERS in the construction and waste industry.   We realise ‘modal shift’.

SHIPIT is distinctive through her total and tailormade solutions and a thorough knowledge of all transport modes and infrastructure, best available technology and applicable rules and regulations.  

SHIPIT believes that the society at large benefits from the maximum use of alternative transport modes.  Although road transport shall always be an economical necessity, ,a ‘modal shift’ to water and rail offers substantial opportunities where possible.   By transporting our goods in another way, one realises the necessary reduction in accidents, air pollution and other external social costs..  Shipit is devoted to assist the shipper to make the right modal choice, and to ensure a qualitative and sustainable modal shift.

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