Pallet Transport


Since its start-up in 2003, Shipit focuses on more efficient and more ecological transport of large volumes via inland waterways. Chemicals, construction materials, raw materials for the food industry and Fast Moving Consumer Goods are likely to be loaded on one of our ships close to the production facility, to be transported over water, avoiding traffic jams, arriving as nearby as possible to the receiver.  As part of our total service concept, Shipit also takes care of the first and the last mile over land.

We daily operate some 40 to 50 ships. Our smallest ship has the equivalent of 12 truckloads; the largest barges will take a volume close to that of 100 trucks.

A part of our fleet has been equipped with a crane, which enables them to load / unload pallets directly from ship to quay or truck, without intervention of a third party.
Shipit is located in the Port of Antwerp, and operates terminals for advanced stock; in Brussels to replenish the Belgian capital, in Wielsbeke to serve West Flanders and the North of France, and in Genk to serve Eastern sector of Belgium and Holland. This model is easily scalable to any place in Europe.

The advantages
  • You replenish your customers out of an advanced stock facility closeby your customers; you can thus offer a top service which is translated in short and perfectly predictable transit times.
  •  You will reduce your ecological footprint. This has not only a societal value but can also open doors to opportunities which are only sourced to companies who can effectively demonstrate their contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility.
  •  Once goods are loaded on one of our ships and during the time of transport you have no storage cost, one could call this “Warehouse On Water”.
  •  De Total Cost of Ownership of transport via inland waterways is in many cases more interesting than road transport.
  •  Potential customers can see and feel the shippers’ products in a facility closeby.  Those products are after all present on our advanced stock facility.

Shipit is committed to search with the customer the best solution for his specific needs, also towards the future.  We daily strive for new solutions, and can easily imagine creating an advanced stock facility dedicated to a specific customer or project. One can even imagine having a ship branded with one’s logo.

For larger volumes, Shipit can most certainly offer an attractive solution. Therefor we think it could be interesting to exchange ideas, and to get to know each other.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!
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