SHIPIT and partners operate several terminals along the inland rivers and channels.  One finds us in Wielsbeke, Kallo, Brussel, Geel en Genk.
At those strategically located quay sites we obviously provide transshipment and storage services for the local industry, but there is more. The investment in these terminals was mainly driven by the future needs of the construction industry:

More than often, the carriage (in and out) of primary en secondary building materials in bulk occurs over longer distances and hence preferably over the waterways.  Fully licensed we provide loading and discharging in the centre of the construction activity.

Customers of paletised building materials currently still know very cheap road transport tariffs with short delivery times.   But every season it becomes harder to meet these conditions over the road.  SHIPIT serves the production plants of paletised building materials by setting up advanced stock, which we supply by environment friendly and cheap barge transport.  From this advanced storage at our terminals, customers are served faster and more flexible than ever !

In Brussels we go one step further, there we realise a ‘Construction Consolidation Centre’.  The centre of Brussels knows huge building works on very limited surfaces.  We consolidate all supplies on our terminal and provide the construction site only with full truck loads JIT JIP (Just In Time Just In Place).  This creates unkown efficiency gains for the building contractor. ‘Smart Construction Logistics’.
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