The company

Shipit organizes multimodal transport.  As an external logistic manager we seek for the most efficient transport solution for our customers.  We maximize the use of alternative transport modi as inland shipping, rail and shortsea.
Shipit continues to be a fast growing, dynamic organisation.   We distinguish ourselves through a very customer oriented, knowledge based execution of the optimal transport chain.  In order to remain the first choice of our customers, Shipit invests substantial efforts and means in her human resources, IT-systems, real estate and ships.

Shipit was founded end 2003, an initiative of Jan D’Haeyer en Jan Goderis.  The founders met each other during an MBA-education, where the idea rose to offer a multimodal concept.
From day one, Shipit enjoyed the moral and financial support of the Aertssen family, whom participated as shareholder through the first capital raise in 2005.

As from the start, we provide logistic services for the biggest infrastructure, remediation and dredging contractors.  Shipit is regional market leader in this niche, and this activity still continues to grow. 
With the opening of the Deurganckdok, the newest tidal container dock in the port of Antwerp, Shipit started it’s container activity in 2005, in cooperation with P&O Ports (currently DP World).
Initially Shipit acted solely as an intermediary, we did not own any assets and convinced our customers with inventive logistic solutions.  Every year, larger volumes of bulk and containers were shipped.

After some years the ambition rose to anchor the company’s value through asset investments.  Therefore Shipit applied for concessionary of a 12,8 hectare Greenfield in the port of Antwerp.  This concession was granted in 2008.  In order to develop this Greenfield, material funds were required.  A second capital raise was organized.  The appreciated partners DG Infra Plus and Rent A Port entered the capital of our company.  Apart from providing the necessary funds for the large investments, our financial partners professionalized Shipit in all aspects of administration, legal, finance and corporate governance.

In 2009 the sister company Fluviant was founded in order to invest in inland ships.  This enterprise  knows a steady growth as a broker and a barge owner.

In 2010 the first warehouse of our terminal (harbour numbers 1610-1616) opened doors.  In 2013 the second investment phase was realised.  Shipit Terminal currently operates a full trimodal logistic platform of approximately 8 hectares, of which 3 hectares are newbuilt warehouses.   The unique location (no warehouse is nearer to the Deurganckdok), as well as the authorized expansion possibilities, make this terminal a strategic investment.  On this terminal we operate a container freight station, and we store mainly high value goods.

At the end of 2017 Aertssen became major shareholder of Shipit Terminal. The inland barging activities were transferred to Shipit Multimodal Logistics NV.
Shipit Multimodal Logistics continues to operate independently under the name of Shipit.

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